Club Management

The club is managed by a committee of between 8 and 11 members under its constitution. The committee is responsible for running the club, maintaining its facilities, promoting the sport, and upholding the club’s bye-laws. The committee meets 6–12 times per year, and the decisions and actions from these meetings are available to members:

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held once per year in late October; the minutes of the last AGM are also available:

If you have a suggestion for improvements at the club, either to the facilities or the way that the club, competitions or teams are run, please submit it via the online suggestion box. Also if you notice a problem with any of the facilities at the club, please take a moment to enter an issue into the maintenance log. You will immediately receive an email acknowledgement, and in the case of maintenance faults, the maintenance officer will review the issue and respond within a few days. The committee also reviews all new suggestions and open maintenance issues at every meeting.

Committee Members

The committee is currently formed of 6 members, as follows:

Stewart Perry Chair

The chairperson's responsibilities are:
  • To represent the club as its figurehead.
  • To ensure the management committee functions properly, including planning and chairing committee meetings, and the AGM.
  • To ensure that the club is managed effectively, and that all appropriate policies and procedures are in place.
  • To deal with any issues of conflict which may arise.
  • Presentation of awards, trophies and prizes.

Jez Foulsham Vice-Chair

The vice-chairman acts for the chairman when he or she is not available, and has the same responsibilities. In addition, Jez also works on various club development activities:
  • Drive the strategic direction of the club in the local community.
  • Develop strong partnerships with local schools and other groups.
  • Liaise with squash and wider sporting agencies such as SSRA, ESRA and Sport England.

Jackie Thorogood Hon. Secretary

The secretary's responsibilities are:
  • To ensure that committee meetings are effectively organised, minuted and communicated
  • To ensure other meetings, such as the AGM, and events are properly administered
  • To upload relevant decisions and actions from meetings to the club website, for members to view
  • To monitor committee member action points and chase for updates
  • To accurately record decisions and actions in the minutes and report to the next committee meeting on the progress of actions and the result of decisions
  • General communication to club members
  • To develop the ladies section of the club

Shaun Mizen Treasurer

Responsibilities are:
  • Oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements to the management committee.
  • To prepare and present budgets for new or ongoing work.
  • Book-keeping and preparation of accounts for audit, and for the AGM.

Jennifer Cosgrave Bar Officer

Responsibilities include:
  • Management and day-to-day business of the club and club building.
  • Management of the club bar.
  • Hiring and management of bar staff.

Anne Struyven Membership Secretary

Responsibilities include:
  • Maintaining and administering a database of all members.
  • Administering the annual renewal of subscriptions.
  • Replying to equiries from potential members and those interested in the club.

John Bryant I.T. and Communications Manager

Responsibilities are:
  • Managing the club's website and I.T. systems.
  • Management of the club’s social media presence.
  • Purchase and development of software.

Adam Beedie Head of Junior Section

Responsible for ensuring adequate coaching and sessions are available for the club’s juniors, and provide a main point of contact for parents.

Pete Richardson Fixtures Secretary

Responsible for arranging match fixtures and coordinating with the club's team captains.