Welcome to Woking Squash Rackets Club.

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WSRC Squash Marathon 2012
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National Squash Championships 2016
National Squash Championships 2016

Woking Squash Club is a very active club run by its members, for its members. About 250 players of all standards enjoy three squash courts, a bar, a weekly club night and special events during the season!

There are four men's teams, one ladies' team, five veterans' teams, a vintage team and a junior team which all compete in the Surrey Leagues.

Annual subscriptions work out at around £5 a week for adults and £1 for juniors.

We are a non-profit making members’ club.

Special News: Woking Squash Club is delighted to announce that, following the match against Dorking 1sts on 24th Feb, our 1st team has secured promotion to Division 2 of the Surrey Winter League. This is a tremendous achievement – the first time in 15 years that our team has attained such a height. Kudos to Paul Reilly who has steered the team, and to Hayden, Jack, Rob, Justin and the other guys who have played up during the season. The promotion was also announced in the Woking News & Mail. Great stuff chaps!





11 Oct 3rds (h) V. Active Surrey 3 4‑1 (18‑6)
11 Oct 4ths (a) Oxshott 3 3‑2 (15‑7)
12 Oct 1sts (a) New Malden 1 3‑2 (14‑10)
17 Oct 4ths (a) Nuf'ld West Byfleet 3 3‑2 (16‑11)
18 Oct 1sts (a) V. Active Surrey 2 0‑4 (2‑19)
18 Oct 2nds (a) Surbiton 2 2‑3 (9‑16)
18 Oct 3rds (h) Ebbisham 1 1‑4 (7‑16)
31 Oct 3rds (a) Can's Richmond 1
31 Oct 2nds (h) Oxshott 1
01 Nov 4ths (h) St.George's Hill 5
02 Nov 1sts (h) Wimbledon R. 2
07 Nov 2nds (h) Purley 3
08 Nov 3rds (h) Warlingham 1
09 Nov 4ths (a) D. Lloyd Hampton 3
09 Nov 1sts (a) D. Lloyd Hampton 1
14 Nov 2nds (a) Dorking 2
14 Nov 3rds (a) Christophers 4
15 Nov 4ths (h) Christophers 5
16 Nov 1sts (h) Christophers 1
21 Nov 4ths (a) Limpsfield 3
21 Nov 2nds (h) Bourne 1
22 Nov 1sts (a) St.George's Hill 2
22 Nov 3rds (h) D. Lloyd Farnham 1
29 Nov 3rds (a) The Wimbledon Club 5
29 Nov 4ths (h) Purley 5
30 Nov 1sts (h) Purley 1
30 Nov 2nds (a) Wimbledon R. 4
17 Jan 4ths (h) Oxshott 3
18 Jan 1sts (h) New Malden 1
18 Jan 3rds (a) V. Active Surrey 3
23 Jan 2nds (h) Surbiton 2
24 Jan 3rds (a) Ebbisham 1
24 Jan 4ths (h) Nuf'ld West Byfleet 3
25 Jan 1sts (h) V. Active Surrey 2
30 Jan 1sts (a) Wimbledon R. 2
31 Jan 3rds (h) Can's Richmond 1
31 Jan 4ths (a) St.George's Hill 5
01 Feb 2nds (a) Oxshott 1
20 Feb 2nds (a) Purley 3
20 Feb 3rds (a) Warlingham 1
21 Feb 4ths (h) D. Lloyd Hampton 3
22 Feb 1sts (h) D. Lloyd Hampton 1
27 Feb 2nds (h) Dorking 2
28 Feb 1sts (a) Christophers 1
28 Feb 3rds (h) Christophers 4
01 Mar 4ths (a) Christophers 5
07 Mar 3rds (a) D. Lloyd Farnham 1
07 Mar 4ths (h) Limpsfield 3
08 Mar 2nds (a) Bourne 1
08 Mar 1sts (h) St.George's Hill 2
13 Mar 2nds (h) Wimbledon R. 4
14 Mar 3rds (h) The Wimbledon Club 5
14 Mar 4ths (a) Purley 5
15 Mar 1sts (a) Purley 1


Robbie Keefe18 Oct6635
Paul Reilly18 Oct6372
Hayden Roger-Lund13 Oct6131
Jack Thomson18 Oct4911
Jonathan Simpson17 Nov4463
Mike Wardle27 Sep3830
Justin Robinson18 Oct3615
Nick Thomson18 Oct3575
Rob Heasman18 Oct3461
Jack Ross30 Aug3034
Adrian Hayward18 Oct2965
Steve Sheffield18 Oct2852
Adam Beedie11 Oct2796
Chris Bartlett18 Oct2607
Paul Garbutt01 Oct2532
Nick Hiley17 Sep2487
David Wallond18 Oct2279
Chris Burton18 Oct2174
Paddy Bascombe18 Oct2138
Mike Herington15 Oct2110
Ian Salmond02 Feb2095
John Hughes01 Oct2061
Hamza Ali17 Oct1940
Russell Cross17 Oct1934
Kieron Harwood02 Feb1925
Usman Hussain11 Oct1906
Peter Richardson18 Oct1848
Sarena Harwood18 Jan1816
Spencer Harris15 Oct1757
Noel Laycock17 Oct1689
Mike McElhatton17 Oct1528
Nick Webb26 Jan1478
Dominic Kuk30 Aug1449
Jez Foulsham31 Aug1371
Keith Holdaway06 Feb1356
Archie Lipyeat31 Aug1302
Dave Compton11 Oct1291
Alison Pankhurst14 Mar1285
Freddie Lawson05 Dec1280
Graham Norton10 Oct1270
Rob Kemp15 Oct1256
John Bryant17 Aug1255
Mike Reilly02 Apr1200
Tim Welch02 Apr1195
Karl Loynton15 Oct1191
Ryan Stride17 Oct1188
Stewart Perry12 Mar1188
David Lyscom13 Nov1127
Elliot Lee08 Oct1104
Mike Thacker08 Oct1042