Mission Statement

The aspirations of the club are:

To support the growth of squash by offering members an inclusive and friendly club with excellent facilities. To promote participation in the sport, and provide support to players of all ages and abilities in order that they can enjoy competitive and recreational squash at an affordable level.

Key words in the statement are explained herewith:

Growth: We support the growth of squash for the future of the sport. This word encapsulates the need to develop young players, invest in coaching, and encourage novices and beginners to take up the sport to ensure that those who can play do play. It also takes account of our obligation to ensure that the number of members is appropriate for our facilities.

Inclusive: This covers all abilities, ages, ethnicities, able or disabled; giving all members the same opportunity to participate in whichever way they prefer. This would include team squash, leagues, friendlies or just social engagement.

Friendly: We welcome members and guests and fulfil a role that promotes a club culture and the social/community benefits of membership. We engage with prospective and new members to ensure they join the club and remain as members.

Excellent Facilities: We aim to have great courts, a well stocked bar and a clean and safe environment. We cannot compete with multi-sport clubs with high membership regarding facilities, but we can ensure that we invest wisely to protect and maintain our facilities within the constraints of our funds.

Participation: This includes court usage for Squash and Squash57. We make it easy for members to book courts, incentivising them to book and use the facilities including the bar and bar area. Team squash, Club Nights, leagues and other events that promote participation are carefully balanced against the need to protect social squash.

Enjoy: Members and guests see membership as an essential annual expenditure and become ambassadors, promoting the club through their passion and the sport.

Affordable: Membership costs, bar prices and team tariffs are competitive and set at a level to allow investment that enables the club to meet its obligations set out in the mission statement.